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William Marshall

William Marshal was born of a minor

noble family in England. He became a tournament champion, renowned warrior, royal advisor, and perhaps, most notable, the premier knight. He is an important figure in history not just because of what he did, including serving as an advisor to five English kings and presiding during the signing of the Magna Carta, but of how he lived. From the historical accounts, William Marshal is not just a man of action, but one of virtue. He shows that the "ideal knight" (a virtuous, pious warrior) could exist, and was not an unattainable station in the medieval period.

Steven Carter received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bemidji State University with a major in History and minor in Political Science. He went on to achieve a Master of Arts in History from the University of Idaho, with an emphasis in the medieval period. Steven has taught a class on American Government at a local homeschool co-op in his hometown in Minnesota, and given multiple lectures as a teacher's assistant during graduate school. In 2021, Steven returned to Minnesota to help steward his grandfather's small-scale, family farm.

He is always ready to discuss topics of history, literature, political philosophy, and the elements that best bring about human flourishing and the good life. Some of his favorite things are drinking morning coffee, going for walks in the rain, poring over history books, long conversations with friends, and hoeing strawberries in the field.

Steven Carter is offering live online middle school classes on the middle ages and American history.

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