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Why We Began the CLRC Online Academy

CLRC has launched its Online Academy—a fully accredited high school program. For years CLRC operated as a supplemental online provider, allowing students in home schools, private schools, and charter schools to choose specific courses that would complement their other course work and accommodate their schedule. It was an “a la carte” approach. So why have we made this major addition to our services now?

CLRC began offering live interactive Latin and Greek classes online in 2009. We added more classes and subject areas in response to our families’ needs. We had several parents write to ask for help with writing instruction. Our Literature and Composition program was born! Then we discovered that the mother of a CLRC Latin student was an excellent Math instructor. In time, the offerings grew to an impressive array of modern and ancient languages, math and sciences, literature, history, Great Books, and a variety of arts and other electives.

In recent years we’ve had a growing number of parents asking for help with transcripts, the college application process, as well as additional high school courses. It became clear that many CLRC families wanted their students to continue their home-centered education while using a full array of CLRC courses to fulfill the necessary coursework for graduation. Some families even asked if we might consider starting our own online high school.

Most recently, as we were completing our accreditation review, the WASC representative suggested we become a full high school, in addition to continuing as a supplemental education provider. She was impressed with the quality and breadth of our program and commented that it would be a small step to become a fully accredited, diploma-granting high school.

We reviewed our course offerings. We outlined various possible graduation plans. We compared these to some specific private and online programs and reviewed the high school graduation requirements in all 50 states.

The result—the CLRC Online Academy! With a full offering of classical and modern languages, literature/composition, Great Books, math, science, and history classes, along with numerous additional courses in the humanities and fine arts, the CLRC Academy is, we believe, one of the best online high schools available. We are honored to serve our CLRC families by offering our new CLRC Online Academy!

The CLRC Online Academy:

  • Parent friendly

  • Accredited by WASC

  • 13 years of experience with online instruction

  • Low teacher/student ratios

  • Teachers who care

  • Help with the college application process

  • Rooted in the permanent and universal goods which bear upon all of humankind

“When I was first made aware that CLRC was expanding to include a new academy I was very excited about the opportunity for my two children. I believe it is the proverbial win/win by combining the freedom to remain heavily involved in choosing the best academic experiences for my children while being able to rely upon the structure and academic rigor that an academy degree offers. Going forward, I look forward to my children not only continuing to receive a very strong education from CLRC, but also the additional benefits of the academy, i.e., the opportunity to receive an accredited high school diploma and the use of services such as college preparatory sessions and academic counseling. I would certainly recommend other parents consider the academy if they are seeking this very positive balance in planning their children’s education.”

- Jon V., Maryland

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